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Red Orchard Park

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In March 2007, Clarence Miller, officially donated his 131 acre farm, now known as Red Orchard Park, to Shelby County’s Parks Department which had been his family’s home since 1925.  Aquilla Whitaker planted the orchard around 1792.  Aquilla was a settler in the now Shelby County – Whitaker Station, an important refuge for early settlers in the region and helped establish the town of Shelbyville.  The orchard was said to turn a brilliant red in the fall; thus the name “Red Orchard”.  The park consists of 131 beautiful acres of rolling land, lush pasture and gorgeous mature trees such as walnut, blue ash, and sycamore.  There is no shortage of space for enjoyment of various activities.

Red Orchard Park is a nature lovers paradise and offers a wide variety recreational activities for all ages.


Michael Kay’s Bark Park
5 acre dog park divided into two sections – one 2 acre section designated for dogs 40lbs and less and one 3 acre section for all size dogs.

Permit required for entry, must register at the Family Activity Center office.

$40 for one dog
$10 for each additional dog

Requirements at time of registration:
– proof of rabies vaccination
– Shelby County Animal License (purchase at Shelby County Animal Shelter located on Kentucky Street)
– DHPP vaccination & Bordetella vaccination record

Questions, please email

Dog Park Rules & Regulations

Dog Park Permit Application



More Information about Red Orchard Park

“Best value for our money!! Beautiful!! We had lots of guests with children and so there were options for everyone! The playground was perfect. There was plenty of room for our party to dance the night away. And, with an option canvas like the barn, we could decorate it suited to our taste. We were so pleased with our choice. Thank you Shelby County Parks!!!” – Judy M.

RENTAL FEES:                                                                                                                                           

Friday Noon – Sunday Noon: $1,250 – subject to 6% sales tax
(Half rental fee due up front to book & is non-refundable)

Barn includes 12 picnic tables, electric and water hydrant outside of barn.
Tobacco canvas (white draping) & lighting are permanent fixtures of the barn and come with all rentals.

**Restrooms located beside barn.  All rentals will share these restrooms with the general public.

Red Orchard Barn Facility Rental Agreement Download & email or bring to office
Red Orchard Barn Online Rental Agreement
PDF link/submit form online & contacted for payment

Red Orchard Barn Floor Plan

Red Orchard Barn Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Pricing (Tables, Chairs & Tents)

Preferred Vendor List


You can also find the Red Orchard Barn on:


The Bark Park is comprised of one 2 acre lot for dogs 30 pounds or less and one 3 acre lot for all size dogs.  Once in the Bark Park you may unleash your pet for all the exercise he/she wants.  There are small shade structures, agility pieces and water hydrant’s for you and your pups.

PERMIT INFORMATION:  Michael Kay’s Bark Park requires a permit each year.  Permits are $40 for one dog and $10 for each additional.  Permits are valid July 1 -June 30 each year.  They can be purchased at the main office at 717 Burks Branch Road, Shelbyville, KY 40065 Monday-Friday 8-4.  Proof of vaccinations, rabies certificate and county license required at registration.
*During COVID-19, applications are being accepted via email & payment over the phone – email

Dog Park Permit Application

Dog Park Rules & Regulations
It is very important that you and your dog follow the rules.  These rules have been established to assure the safety of all dogs and dog owners who enter the dog parks.

 1.  Entry into the dog park is at the risk of the dog owners or handlers.  Dog owners or handlers are responsible and liable for any damage to property, persons, or other animals caused by their dog(s).

2.  All dogs must remain on leash until they are inside the dog park.  Once the dog is off leash, the owner or handler must keep the leash with them at all times.  The official dog park tag must be displayed at all times. Acceptable collars inside the dog park are flat buckle, limited slip/martingale or snap.  A harness may be worn instead of a collar.

3.   Dog owners or handlers shall not have more than two (2) dogs in the dog park at one time.  All dogs shall be accompanied and supervised by an adult owner or handler at all times.  Dog owners or handlers shall remove their dog(s) at the first sign of aggressive behavior.

4.  The small dog area is limited to dogs weighing less than 30 pounds.  This area has been created for those dog owners whose small dogs may not feel comfortable around larger dogs in the main area.  If small dog owners are comfortable letting their small dog play in the main area, then they may do so.

5.  All dogs must have current Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.  A Rabies tag must be worn and displayed by all dogs at all times and the dog owner or handler is required to carry vaccination records.  It is also recommended that dogs be on a flea and heartworm preventative medication.

6.  All dogs must be licensed through Shelby County Animal Control as required by Shelby County Fiscal Court.

7.  Do not bring a dog into the dog park that you know to be ill with a viral infection (kennel cough, Parvo, Distemper), a parasitic infection (worms, fleas, ticks), or has any open wounds.

8. All owners or handlers must pick up any waste left by their dog(s) to ensure cleanliness and to avoid potential health risks.  Failure to do so may result in loss of park privileges.  Bags have been provided, so please use them.

9. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the dog park.  Children over the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult.

10. Food (both human and canine varieties) and glass containers are not allowed inside the dog park.  Smoking is also prohibited within the dog park (cigarette butts can be very harmful if a dog swallows them).  Please place all litter into the provided trash receptacles.

11. Dogs under four months of age are not permitted in the dog park.  This is for their own safety, as puppies under four months old usually do not have fully developed immune systems and have not completed a full program of vaccinations.

12.  Female dogs in heat may not enter the dog park.  Dogs, owners, and park users creating a disturbance or violating posted rules must immediately leave the dog park if requested by law enforcement personnel, park personnel, or their designated agents.

14.  Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks and Recreation Board reserves the right to close the dog park for maintenance and repairs as needed.




The Miller Outdoor Education Center is can be opened by appointment only by different volunteers from around the county dedicating their time to teaching youngsters and adults alike about the natural environment.  This center is filled with many wildlife exhibits, natural exhibits, and multiple demonstrations that teach all about our surrounding environment in Shelby County and Kentucky.  The center is home to the Clear Creek Trailblazers whose mission is to protect the natural environment of Shelbyville / Shelby County Parks and to provide educational opportunities.  The center is great for school field trips, boy/girl scout outings, or just a fun way to learn about the natural environment.  For more information or to book your visit to the center, contact

Free of charge activities:
Nature Playpod Fitness Trail

Hiking & Horseback Riding Trails
Miller Outdoor Education Center
Barn themed playground
Horse ring
Restroom facility

Red Orchard Park Playground

Activities that require a fee:
Michael Kay’s Bark Park
Rentals for weddings/reunions

Park Rules

  • Park hours are sunrise to sunset for foot traffic
  • Gates open 8am until dark
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed
  • Parking allowed in designated areas only
  • Speed limit is 15mph
  • All animals must be leashed unless in the Bark Park

Trail Riding Rules
Effective April 1st, Horse Owners may trailer in and out their horses to Red Orchard Park and ride the trails every day April 1st through November 30th.  After November, the trails will be closed to horse back riding until the next April. To find out more information on trail riding at Red Orchard, please call the Shelbyville-Shelby County Parks Office at 502-633-5059 after April 1st.

Horseback Trail Riding Schedule
Daily April-November and Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)

  • Closed for Painted Stone Festival in September.  (Check special events for exact dates)
  • Trail Riding allowed 7:00 a.m. to Half Hour before dark.
  • This schedule will be on a trial basis.  If there is an erosion problem or trail is extremely worn, we will have to revert to fewer days.
  • Please remember this is a privilege. Follow the rules and take care of your parks.

Trail Rules:

  1. Always sign in at Hoedown Barn when arriving to ride at Red Orchard Park. This gives us a count on trail usage for future plans and funding.
  2. Park your horse trailer and vehicle in the mowed field area to the east of the Hoedown Barn.
  3. Ride the park at a slow pace so you can become familiar with Red Orchard Park and the lay of the land.
  4. Watch for holes and dips while riding.
  5. Follow mowed trails and horseback riding signage.
  6. Feel free to get off your horse and sit under a shade tree or at one of our benches and enjoy the views of Red Orchard Park.
  7. A water trough is available behind the Hoedown Barn at the beginning of the trail. Others in the park with water in them are also available for watering your horses.
  8. Please Do Not ride in native grass fields and reforestation project areas.
  9. Remember, Shelby County Parks Board is not responsible for accidents or injuries to you, your horse or your personal property. State Recreation Law applies. This is a privilege to ride on park property. Do not abuse this privilege.
  10. Remember to call the Parks Office prior to coming to see if trails are open for riding. Trails will be closed to horses in inclement weather. Or visit or web site at and go to Red Orchard Park Horse back riding.
  11. Donations are appreciated for future events and maintenance of Red Orchard Park. Can be mailed to Shelby County Parks, 717 Burks Branch Rd., Shelbyville, Ky. 40065 c/o Red Orchard Park.

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