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Phase 1 of the Clear Creek Greenway Trail was completed in 2015.  Phase 1 runs approximately 1 mile one way from 7th Street in Shelbyville near the rail road bridge to Washington Street in Stratton Bottom Park along Clear Creek.  This trail is a concrete/paved trail ideal for walking, running, bicycles, rollerblades, and others along the shaded creek bank of Clear Creek.  No motorized vehicles are allowed.  Phase 2 and 3 will eventually connect Clear Creek Park/Lake Shelby with Red Orchard Park on the south side of Shelbyville on Kentucky Street and will be approximately 5.5 miles one-way.

More Information about Greenway Trail

Have you enjoyed Phase I of the Greenway Trail Project?  Enter from the Parking Lot on 7th Street between the railroad trestle opposite the Serenity Center and hike a flat .75 mile which follows the Clear Creek to Washington Street.  Enjoy nature within 50 yards of City Hall.  Deer, turkey, turtles, fishermen and a donkey are only a few of the surprises which a wait you.

Phase II of the trail will run from 7th Street for two miles north along the Clear Creek to Burks Branch Road at the entrance of Lake Shelby and will provide access to Clear Creek Park.  If you would like to participate in the development of this phase of the Greenway consider making a donation.  You can buy a bench, a load of rock, a yard of pavement, or a sign commemorating something or someone near and dear to your heart.  There are multiple ways to donate to make Phase II become a reality!

For information on how to donate call Clay Cottongim, Parks Consultant at 502-437-5244 or email