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Gym Rental Fees

The Family Activity Center has a superb gymnasium.  It is designed so that equipment can be shifted to make the facility multi-purpose.  At times, the volleyball leagues will want to play.  We pull our nets out of storage and they go right into the special slots in our hardwood floor.  The next day we have the local basketball team practicing.  The volleyball nets are taken down and the basketball hoops are lowered from the unobtrusive ceiling storage into the proper position.  Everything is ready to go.  In the event of tournament games, we have multiple scoreboards, a loud speaker system, and comfortable pull-out bleachers.

One of the things we are known for is our indoor walking/running track.  Above the gymnasium is a soft floor running track.

For your safety and convenience, no one under fourteen is allowed on the running track.  The entire gymnasium, including the track, is climate controlled and well lit.

Gym Rental Fees  (one hour minimum)
After hours only (full court only)
$100 per hour FAC Member
$125 per hour NonMember FAC
**Contact FAC Director for during FAC hours rental

Gym/Pool Combo (two hour minimum)
Use of pool, gym & concession area (outdoor pool excluded)
After FAC hours only
$175/hour FAC Member
$200/hour NonMember FAC