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Aqua Aerobics

If you are chest deep in water, you are about 75% buoyant.  If you weigh 100 pounds, your joints are only going to feel like 25 pounds.  Neck deep you become about 90% buoyant.  That’s less of a load on the joints, making it a lot easier for folks with arthritis and joint problems to exercise regularly.

Some of the most recent information shows that one hour of water aerobics burns from 400 to 750 calories.  This is much higher than for land based activities and you are not pounding your joints.  The pressure of the water helps to keep the blood circulating out of the legs and moving backward through the water helps to prevent varicose veins.  And, remember, you do not have to know how to swim or even get your hair wet!

You should consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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