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Summer Youth Camp – C3 Camps

C3 Summer Camp

CLICK HERE For Full Summer Camp Information:


Multiple Options to Register:

1.  Register ONLINE HERE.

(C3 Summer Camp week to week payment form: Online Form (used only after the form above has been filled out for each child for at least the first week.)

Note: There are small PayPal online transaction fee’s for registering online.


2.  Download and review the following PDF:  C3 Summer Camp Informational Packet 2018 

     Print out and fill out the following PDF and bring into the FAC with payment:  C3 Summer Camp Application and Tracks Form 

     If you wish to pay week to week, fill out the following PDF only after the initial application and tracks form has been filled outC3 Summer Week to Week Payment Form 


3. Contact Jeff Ware, the Park Program Director, at 502-633-5059 or e-mail  A form can be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed to you.


4. Stop by the FAC at 717 Burks Branch Road, Shelbyville, KY 40065. Ask for a summer camp packet and fill out an application form, fill out all track cards and make your payment.


COST:  C3 Summer Day Camp rates are $130 per camper per week.  First week payment is required at registration.  Your child is not enrolled in camp all chosen weeks are paid in full.  In the event that you are unsure if you will be attending any certain week or weeks later in the summer or would like to break up your payments for additional weeks or pay week by week, we have provided a week by week payment form that you can use if you need to additional weeks or wish to pay week by week.  Payments are non refundable unless there is an emergency,  to ensure that your camper has a guaranteed spot at C3 Summer Camp payments must be received.  Specialty tracks such as Golf and Scuba Diving have additional fees and restrictions. Additional fees:  Scuba Diving:$50     Golf: $20

QUESTIONS?  Contact Jeff Ware, the Park Program Director, at 502-633-5059 or e-mail